FREEDOM-1: clinical study for living donor kidney transplant recipients

Multiple Locations

Study Discontinued

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The FREEDOM-1 Study is a clinical research study of an investigational cell therapy, called FCR001. The purpose of this study is to learn more about whether FCR001 can prevent the rejection of living donor kidney transplants without the need for lifelong anti-rejection drugs. FREEDOM-1 is a Phase 3 clinical trial.  It will compare the efficacy and safety of FCR001 treatment to standard anti-rejection treatment. This study is now enrolling adults who plan to undergo a living donor kidney transplant.

Study participants and their living donors who enroll in FREEDOM-1 will be randomly assigned as a pair to receive either FCR001 or standard anti-rejection medicines.  Your donor and you will be twice as likely to be assigned to the FCR001 group than to the group that receives standard anti-rejection medicines.

You may be eligible for this study if:

    • You are at least 18 years old
    • Your doctor has recommended that you should have a kidney transplant
    • This would be your first kidney transplant
    • A suitable living kidney donor between ages 18-60 has been identified
  • The living kidney donor is willing to undergo standard mobilization and apheresis procedures to donate his/her stem cells
  • You have not been diagnosed with or treated for any type of cancer





Mayo Clinic Arizona

Phoenix, AZ

Contact: Leena Abraham @ 480-342-6750 or



Scripps Clinic

La Jolla, CA

Contact: Michelle Meyer @ 858-554-4340


District of Columbia

Georgetown Transplant Institute

Washington, DC

Contact: Alyssa Stucke @ 202.444.1769



Northwestern University

Chicago, IL

Contact: Dianne Belshe, RN @ (312) 694-0240



University of Minnesota Medical Center

Minneapolis, MN

Contact: Dave Ankarlo @ 612.626.2498


Mayo Clinic

Rochester, MN

Contact: Nong Yowe Braaten @ 507.538.9617 or



University of Nebraska

Omaha, NE

Contact: Dr. Clifford Miles @ or 402.559.4719


New York

New York-Presbyterian/ Weill Cornell

New York, NY

Contact: Contact: Melissa Eddie @ 212-746-5915


North Carolina

Duke University Medical Center

Durham, NC

Contact: Sherri Swan-Nesbitt @ 919-613-6472



The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Columbus, OH

Contact: Corey Newsome @ 614-293-5648 or



Oregon Health and Science University

Portland, OR

Contact: Liz Veasey @